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The Company

Essemec S.r.l. Unipersonale is a qualified and reliable partner in designing and manufacturing compound, progressive and transfer dies for the shearing and forming of any kind of metal sheet.

The company believes in the continuous innovation, the result of an organic Research and Development activity that aims to deliver products and services of excellence, tailored to the needs of each customer, with a view to establishing a close partnership. Its targets are the attention to the technical and productivity customer; the support at design phase, the constant effort from design to testing to ensure a high quality product, the quick delivery and the customer’s retrenchment against other competitors and Do-it-yourself solutions.


Essemec S.r.l. Unipersonale is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015

Competitive price

High quality materials.

Product designed and manufactured in Italy by Essemec

Product tailored to the customer

Wide range of dimensions.


Born in the early 90’s, the company has continued to develop
over the years with the major industry sectors:


Household Appliance



Building Code





Technical office

The highly-trained technical office staff, equipped with the newest CAD / CAM, is able to offer to its customers, a wide range of services including:

Needs Analysis



Engineering for the production process components

Our production

Thanks to a 20 years experience in this field, Essemec SRL not only manufactures dies, but also takes care of maintenance and modification of pre-existing ones. The close cooperation with our customers has allowed Essemec S.r.l. Unipersonale to combine the craft skills  in order to provide them highly efficiency and  technological products.
In the 2500 m2 structure are available the most advanced cutting edge technologies, as  CNC machining centre Vertical and horizontal palletized, Wire and plunging spark erosion,  Surface grinding, Presses for the testing the dies and for stamping up to 500 tons.






Essemec has recently renewed its metrological room by purchasing a measuring machine ZEISS with a workspace of 1000x1600x600.
This machine allows to monitor compliance with the required tolerances by customers, by measuring laser and pre-series samples that are usually delivered with dimensional certificates.
Moreover, thanks to 2D and 3D scanning systems, the company is able to reproduce and maintain existing dies.


Die sets manufactured according to national/international standards or tailored to customer requirements, with dimensions up to 1300x3000mm.
Unless otherwise specified, the die sets are supplied in steel C45 (1.1730) and fully machined.(Face Milled-Deburred-Contoured).
Upon customer’s request may be grinded or welded.
The thickness tolerances are ± 0.2 and the flatness is ± 0.02/100 mm.
Essemec proposes the realization of all the plates with the insertion of Zero-point quick fastening systems, which allow the positioning repeatability